Our Limited Menu

⭐️ $13.99 SPECIALS, a la cart ⭐️ 
2pc Pork Chop currently unavailable
-Full Rack of BBQ Ribs
-10pc Fried Shrimp
-15pc Chicken Strips 
-8pc Fried Chicken (mixed) 
-Family-styled Tuscan Garlic Chicken Pasta
-Family-styled Chicken Alfredo
-Family-styled Chicken Parmesan

$1.99 Available Sides
🍟 Steak Fries
🍠 Sweet Potato Fries
🥔 Baked Potato
🥗 Tossed Salad

STEAKS & chops, served with side & tossed salad
🥩 $23.99 8oz Filet Mignon Dinner
🥩 $21.99 12oz Ribeye Dinner (16oz for $26.99)
🥩 $19.99 12oz Mike’s Steak Dinner

🐖 $9.99 Pork Chop Dinner currently unavailable
🐖 $11.99 Half Rack BBQ Ribs Dinner
🍗 $12.99 Six Piece Chicken Strip Dinner 
🍗 $14.99 Ten Piece Chicken Strip Dinner

TOPPERS for your steaks
🍗 Add Chicken Strip for $1 each
🍤 Add Fried or Broiled Shrimp for $1 each
🧅 Add Sautéed Onion for $1
🍄 Add Mushrooms for $2
🐖 Add Pork Chop $5


🍔 All of our burgers are also available, served with fries and tossed salad.

Unfortunately, at this time, we are out of soup, lamb, salmon, top sirloin, chopped steaks, our other pastas not listed above, reubens and LOBSTER! 🦞